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Rosa carolina

Pasture Rose

Five-petaled, fragrant, pink flowers adorn this shrub producing edible hips which are high in vitamin C. The rich green leaves are orange-red in the fall. This dense thicket is common to low, wet grounds and borders of swamps and streams.

  • »  Single pink flowers
  • »  Red pear-shaped fruit persists into the winter
  • »  Rich green leaves turn dull red in the fall
  • »  Canes are scattered with bristles, sparse on mature plants
  • »  Bloom Time: Summer

  • Category:Shrubs
  • Hardiness Zone:5
  • Height:150-175 cm
  • Spread:175-200 cm
  • Bloom Color: Pink
Full Sun
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Rock garden
Woodland/woods edge
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Native to Ontario

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Rosa carolina

Pasture rose can tolerate most soils, including moist, low, wet areas near swamps and streams.