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Peltandra virginica

Green Arrow Arum (Tuckahoe Water Arum)

The long-stalked, arrowhead-shaped, glossy, green foliage supports tiny, greenish-white flowers hidden by a light green spathe. Green berries appear in late summer on this aquatic perennial.

  • »  AKA Peltandra undulata
  • »  Tiny, greenish-white flowers
  • »  Each flower is hidden by a long, 20 cm spathe
  • »  Flowers are followed by green berries in late summer
  • »  Arrowhead-shaped, mid-green leaves
  • »  Leathery leaves have prominent veining appearing on thick stalks
  • »  Grows in standing water 15 cm deep or in consistently wet soils
  • »  Not as aggressive as Sagittaria
  • »  Bloom Time: Spring

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  • Category:Perennials
  • Hardiness Zone:4
  • Height:50-75 cm
  • Spread:50-60 cm
  • Bloom Color: Green
Full Sun
Partial Sun/Shade
Growth Rate
Native to Ontario
Flowering Time
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Additional Information about Peltandra virginica

Native to Ontario

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Peltandra virginica

An emergent, aquatic perennial suitable for a pond, water or bog garden. Grows well in shallow ponds with an earth bottom, in partial to light shade.