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Actaea rubra

Red Baneberry

Similar in appearance to pachypoda. Generally slightly smaller in height with 2-3 part leaves as opposed to 3-5 like others of the species. Berries are shiny and blood-red in colour with a tiny, black dot at the end of each berry.

  • »  Lightly scented delicate white flowers
  • »  Fine-textured foliage with an airy habit
  • »  After flowering, red berry clusters appear
  • »  Bloom Time: Spring

1 Litre
  • Category:Perennials
  • Hardiness Zone:3
  • Height:60-90 cm
  • Spread:50-60 cm
  • Bloom Color: White
Full Shade
Full Sun
Partial Sun/Shade
Soil Moisture
Moist to Wet Soils
Moist to Average
Growth Rate
Native to Ontario
Flowering Time
Lt. Spr-Sum
Foliage Color
Landscape uses
Woodland/woods edge
Additional Information about Actaea rubra

Native to Ontario

The berries have a single black dot which resembles an old-fashioned china-doll-like eye. Because the foliage is toxic, it is resistant to most mammalian herbivores, however, it is harmless to birds, its main seed distributor.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Actaea rubra

Baneberry should be grown in dappled to partial shade in  a rich, organic, moist soil. Can be grown in sunnier locations if the roots are kept cool and have adequate water.