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Actaea pachypoda

White Baneberry (Doll's Eyes)

Impressive berries are white with a shiny, waxy coat giving them a porcelain-like appearance. The end of each berry has a dark spot, which has earned the plant the common name "doll's eyes". The fruit is poisonous and should not be planted where children or pets are present. Delicate, airy flower clusters appear above medium green foliage.

  • »  Jagged green leaves on strong, reddish stems
  • »  Clusters of fragrant white flowers
  • »  After flowering, tiny white berries appear
  • »  Great plant for the woodland landscape
  • »  Bloom Time: Late spring

1 Litre
  • Category:Perennials
  • Hardiness Zone:4
  • Height:60-90 cm
  • Spread:60-90 cm
  • Bloom Color: White
Full Shade
Full Sun
Partial Sun/Shade
Soil Moisture
Moist to Wet Soils
Moist to Average
Growth Rate
Native to Ontario
Flowering Time
Lt. Spr-Sum
Foliage Color
Landscape uses
Woodland/woods edge
Planting instructions
Container Plants
Additional Information about Actaea pachypoda

Native to Ontario and much of eastern North America.

The white berries have a single, black dot which resembles an old-fashioned, china-doll-like eye. Because the foliage is toxic, it is resistant to most mammalian herbivores, however, it is harmless to birds, its main seed distributor.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Actaea pachypoda

Baneberry should be grown in dappled to partial shade, in a rich, organic, moist soil. Can be grown in sunnier locations if the roots are kept cool and have adequate water.