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45 Gram Root Rescue Transplanter

Plant starter

  • »  Transplanter is recommended whenever you plant vegetables gardens, new trees, shrubs, evergreens, or perennials.
  • »  Easy to use; Child and Pet Safe
  • »  Root Rescue’s Transplanter contains millions of natural-sourced beneficial fungi called mycorrhizae
  • »  Helps plants establish new roots
  • »  Reduces transplant shock
  • »  The 45 gram pack makes 75 Litres of solution and will treat 40 x 1 Gallon plants, 20 x 2 Gallon shrubs or 4 x 10 Gallon trees.

Root Rescue 45g pack

Root Rescue products put life back into the soil; restoring and nurturing the natural beneficial soil organisms that plants rely on to find water and nutrients. A healthy soil environment supports plants naturally; reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.

Additional Information about 45 Gram Root Rescue Transplanter

What are Mycorrhizal Fungi?

Millions of years ago, a symbiotic relationship evolved between certain types of microscopic fungi (called Mycorrhizal Fungi) and plant life, allowing both to thrive. This symbiotic relationship exists to this day and can be observed in every forest. It is essential for the survival of natural landscapes all over the world.

From the smallest shrubs to the tallest tree, in nature, the roots of most plants maintain a symbiotic connection to these wonderful fungi, and this symbiosis can literally be the difference between a struggling garden and a thriving one.