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Actinidia kolomikta (female)

Hardy Kiwi

Leaves are oval, pale green, bronze, and pink and white towards the tip. Fragrant flowers are followed by sweet, edible, greenish-yellow fruit, ripening September-October.

  • »  Fragrant white flowers
  • »  Edible fruits, 3 cm in size, in autumn
  • »  Fruit has a smooth green skin, softening when ripe
  • »  Dark green ovate leaves, 15 cm long
  • »  In light shade, foliage may have a slight pink hue at the margin
  • »  Bloom Time: Late June to early July
  • »  Flower Size: 2 cm

1gal Staked
  • Category:Vines
  • Hardiness Zone:4
  • Height:4-6 m
  • Spread:3 m
  • Bloom Color: White
Full Sun
Partial Sun/Shade
Soil Moisture
Moist to Average
Attracts Wildlife
Attracts Birds
Attracts Butterflies
Growth Rate
Heat Tolerant
Flowering Time
Lt. Spr-Sum
Foliage Color
Green (dark)
Landscape uses
Screening (privacy)
Planting instructions
Container Plants
Additional Information about Actinidia kolomikta (female)

In shorter growing seasons, in case of threatened frost, pick the fruit and place it in a paper bag with apples and pears to expedite ripening.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Actinidia kolomikta (female)

Actinidia kolomikta are dioecious: plants are either male or female and if fruit is desired, at least one male is needed to pollinate up to 4 females. Grows best in a moist to average, well-drained soil, in full sun to partial shade. Excess shade may prevent the leaves from showing their variegation. Plants need a trellis or fence to twine around. Prune in late fall to the desired size. In shorter growing seasons, plant in a large container and bring inside before frost to allow fruit to fully ripen.