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Abies concolor Wintergold

Wintergold White Fir

A dwarf, slow-growing selection with bright chartreuse-green new growth. New growth provides a vivid contrast to the previous season's butter-yellow needles. Foliage will eventually mature to dark green.

  • »  Dwarf, slow-growing cultivar
  • »  Bright chartreuse-green new growth
  • »  Mature foliage is green then changing to butter-yellow in cooler temperatures
  • »  Horizontal branching
  • »  With pruning, this tree can be trained to be either upright or spreading

B&B in Container Low Inventory
  • Category:Evergreens
  • Hardiness Zone:3
  • Height:3-4 m
  • Spread:150-200 cm
Juglan Tolerant
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Abies concolor 'Wintergold'

Best colour is in a sunny location in a well-drained soil. In a shady location the needle colour will be lime-green.