Learn more about sizes

Learn about the sizes we offer.

Learn more about sizes

Learn more about sizes

Hi all, we've just released some new sizes available for purchase on the site. We're excited about this because it's going to give everyone more availability and flexibility for what you can find and order, but we felt it would be good to help introduce some of the new packaging options and what they mean. 

Plug (may also show as PL32, PL50) - These are very cost effective formats, often used in mass planting and naturalization projects. You'll see a lot of native perennials available in this size range. These measure aproximately 5cm diameter and 10cm depth. 

1, 2, 5, 7 gal - These are very typical pot  sizes you will see in nurseries for shrubs and perennials.  Will typically weigh between .5 and 10 kgs. 

10, 15, 20 gal - Mostly used for potted trees. These are a very typical DIY-friendly size for planting trees. Trees in these pots will typically measure about 125cm - 200cm high and weigh between 20 and 100kgs. 

Ball and Burlap (May also show as B&B in container) These are trees with a burlap wrapping on their root ball. These are typically grown in a field and dug up, but aren't quite big enough for a wire basket (more on those in a second). These are typically larger format trees and will often weigh 60-100 kgs. 

Wire Basket - These are very large trees. They will provide instant impact to your garden, but will need at least two people to move and good access to the planting site. Expect a wire basket tree to weigh at least 200kgs. You will also need heavy duty wire cutters to remove the cage containing the root ball. 

As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need support finding the right plant (or size) for you. We're here to help! 

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