Garden Consultation Info

What you can expect from a garden consultation, and how to schedule yours. 

Garden Consultation Info

Garden Consultation Info

We have a fantastic team of garden coaches who will come to your garden and talk about your goals, challenges, and help you get your garden to the space you want to create. Our coaches are pros with decades of on-the-ground experience with landscapes in the Ottawa area, and we're thrilled to be able to connect you to them for one on one support.  

Each session is a totally personal, dedicated time with your garden coach. You can get ideas about design, plant choice, maintenance , have help planting, and more. At the end of your session you'll get a full list of plants you talked about and if you choose you can get a quote for a full design from your coach, including plant specs and drawings. 

We offer two service options

1 - Online : A video call with one of our coaches. This allows a detailed review of questions you may have and is a great way to get dedicated support for some specific issues. This is a good choice if you need some advice about a specific area of your garden. 

Duration: 30 mins

Cost : $75+HST

2 - On-site: For bigger projects, or where you need more hands on guidance. This is a dedicated, in-person session with an industry expert who will be able to provide plant suggestions, rough sketches, and proceed to a full design if you choose. This option is great for bigger projects, overhauls, and more complex needs. 

Duration: 60+ mins

Cost : $200+HST

Reach out on social media or drop us a line at for more info or to book your consult.  These spots fill up quickly, so let us know as soon as possible to make sure you are able to secure your consult for this year! 

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